Superfine Coming Soon.jpg

Superfine! NYCx1 (wo)man

Art Fair (Scheduled)
Date: Year 2022
Location: New York, USA

Agent: Young Woo KIM

Sung Hee KIM Superfine! E-fair 4-3.jpg

Superfine! NYCx1 2020 E-fair

Art Fair
Date: 1st May 2020 - 5th Oct 2020
Location: Online (website no longer available)

Curator/Agent: Young Woo KIM

LA Exhibition.jpg

시선 Sight

Group Exhibition
Date: 14th Oct 2021-21st Oct 2021
Location: Gallery Western, 210 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Host: HK Creative Studio

Agent: Young Woo KIM

Colours of Happiness 3-4.jpg

Colours of Happiness

Solo 3D Virtual Exhibition
Date: 18th April 2020 - 18th August 2020
Location: Online
Curator: Young Woo KIM


Open Gallery Art Rental

Art Rental
Date: 30th July 2020 - Present
Location: Republic of Korea

Agent: Young Woo KIM


I chose to be Happy

Solo Exhibition
Date: 27th May 2019 - 7th June 2019
Location: KT & G Sangsangmadang Gallery, 65, Eoulmadang-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Curator: Young Woo KIM
Art Director: Sun Woo KIM